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7 Days Meditation Course

1-10 July 2021, 7 days Rajyoga Meditation Course



Timings: 05.30 pm to 06.30 pm (IST)
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Organised by:* *Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu (WA) +919450057401
Day 1 Meditation and its impact Shreya Behn
Day 2 Knowing Mind and its powers Dhiraj Behn
Day 3  Tools to heal your body *Dr Sachin Parab*
Day 4  Knowledge of Supreme Being Kareena Behn
Day 5  Communication with Mind and GOD Kareena Behn
Day 6 Truth of time travel  Deepa Didi
Day 7 Our Births – Only 84 or 84 lakh? Deepa Didi
Day – 8 Karma vs Destiny BK Rupesh Bhai