LIVE: समपन सत्र:- शन्ति सम्पन विश्व के लिये हमरा योगदन| 23-07-2018


LIVE: समपन सत्र:- शन्ति सम्पन विश्व के लिये हमरा योगदन| 23-07-2018

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LIVE: शन्ति अनुभिति सत्र: Religious Wing Conference | 22-07-2018

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“Easy Meditation in Busy Life” session by Brahma Kumaris, Bangalore

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At Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, BK Swaminathan, Motivational Speaker from Mumbai, captured the attention of the audience with various spiritual activities. He enlightened medical and paramedical staff on how to practice easy meditation in busy life. The program went on for two hours and nearly 200 doctors and paramedical staff received benefit. The event at MS Ramaiah Hospital was arranged by the IT wing of the Brahma Kumaris of Basavanagudi.


Brahma Kumaris Share Godly Wisdom in Nigeria

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The Brahma Kumaris shared Godly Wisdom with Aare Ona Kakanfo Gani Adams, the Warrior Leader King Head of 200 million Yorubas in the whole world and 60 million Yorubas of Yorubaland, at his Palace in Ikeja, Capital of Lagos State, in the African country Nigeria. He will grace the occasion in India at the Grand Global Festival at Shantivan being organised by the Brahma Kumaris and Batukamma Celebrations, a unique international cultural festival organized by Brahma Kumaris in association with the State Government of Telangana.

BK Rewa, National Co-ordinator of West Africa; BK Gauthami, Assistant National Co-Ordinator; Ms. Aralola, Nigerian Cultural Embassador; internationally famous First Lady talking drummer, Ms. Nkoyo; Mr. Gagan, and Mr. Joshua were present during this meeting.

The New Indian Express 28. June 2018

BK Column in Various Newspapers Across India

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The New Indian Express, The Free Press Journal, Deccan Herald, The Pioneer, Manipur Chronicle, The Hitavada, The Assam Tribune, Sikkim Express and many other Hindi newspapers published various articles based on the spiritual knowledge imparted by the Brahma Kumaris for the upliftment of the society on topics such as: “You Can Transcend Fear, Attachment and Vices by Being Conscious of Your Soul”; “Power Should be a Tool for Welfare”, “Towards Sustainable Population,” “Lost Health”, “Soul Consciousness”, “Stop Living In Your Mind” etc.


A Spiritual Morning with Senior Rajayogi from Mount Abu in Texas, USA

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Rajayogini BK Munni behnji, General Manager of the Brahma Kumaris, an excellent organiser based at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu, was the main spiritual resource during the Spiritual Get-Together organized by Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation center in Houston, Texas, USA.

BK Munni behnji described the qualities of Dadi Prakashmani, Former Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, and how she created a huge impact on her life and millions across the world. She shared her personal experiences of how Dadiji had taken her by the finger and taught her whatever service she is doing now for the Brahma Kumaris Organisation.

BK Dr. Hansa, Area Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation centers in Texas, USA, shared how fortunate she is to be the first BK and the first surrendered BK teacher born on American soil through Dadi Prakashmani. She shared that Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki’s blessings have made service in the Americas successful. Both Dadis put their lotus feet first in Texas and this made it possible for the BK center in Texas to be established, including Houston. Dadi Janki said once that, “Texas will be a model of paradise.”

The BK family in Houston enjoyed a spiritual morning and class with BK Munni behnji and honored her with tilak, crown and shawl. BK Sreenivas and BK Shalini from Shantivan accompanied BK Munni behnji during the USA Tour and shared their divine insights and experiences of yogi life.

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Lucknow – ​SpARC National Seminar and ​Meditation Retreat

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Deep Prajvalan

“Shiv Anand Mahotsav” Festival of Supreme Bliss at Indore

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On the auspicious occasion of completing 50 glorious years of exemplary Godly service, the Indore Zone of the Brahma Kumaris organized a conference on the theme “Shiv Anand Mahotsav” (Festival of Supreme Bliss) at the Rabindra Natya Grah.

The programme opened with melodious and captivating songs by BK Nitin from Mount Abu, who was also joined by child singers and dancers of Indore.

The auspicious candle-lighting ceremony was led by the spiritual orator Rajyogini BK Sharda accompanied by Mr. Akash Tripathi IAS; Justice B.D. Rathi; Mr. Ravi Dafriya, senior social worker; Mr. Suresh Gupta; Mrs. Sindhu Mendake of the New Digamber Public School; Mr. Hari Narayan Mishra; Mr. Shankar Lalwani; and the Zonal In-charge Rajyogini BK Arti Didi.

The chief speaker of the day, BK Sharda, emphasized that Mahatma Gandhi also had the dream of establishing ‘Ram-Rajya,’ while Swami Vivekananda had gone to the extent of ensuring the ideal change of the world if he were given the dedicated services of just 100 celebate youth. She said that the Brahma Kumaris have as many as 10 lac of celebates and so, although slowly, we are sure of the ideal change taking place. She gave an example of 5 candles of Enthusiasm, Peace, Prosperity, Courage and Hope. While the candle of enthusiasm feels that the world is dominated by depression, the candle of peace is disheartened with the violence and anxiety all around, the candle of prosperity is perturbed at the misuse of one’s riches and facilities by people, and the candle of courage says that everyone seems to have lost power. And all these candles find no use in continuing to keep burning. But the last candle of Hope says that people keep their hope until the last moment of their life. And it enkindles again all the other four candles. Similarly, the Brahma Kumaris are those candles of hope who are sure of attaining their spiritual goal of establishing the Divine world of eternal bliss. She also conducted a spiritual commentary for the Rajyoga practice.

The dignitaries participating in the event appreciated the noble mission and dedicated service undertaken by the Brahma Kumaris. Senior social worker Mr. Suresh Gupta recalled the 50 glorious years of Godly service of the organization in this region. Justice B.D. Rathi gave a detailed introduction of the ideals of the Brahma Kumaris. Mrs. Sindhu Mendake, the Chair-person of the New-Digambar School, said that the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris have made positive change in her life, and that is what she has been sharing with others. She also encourages her students to follow the virtues and values being advocated by the Brahma Kumaris since these can make a positive and healthy change in their formative and prime years of life.

The Zonal In-Charge Rajyogini BK Arti Didi suggested that people should undertake the practice of Rajyoga meditation on a daily basis, even if it is for a few minutes in the beginning. She also informed the audience that the Brahma Kumaris shall be organizing a Free Rajyoga Camp at the Om Shanti Bhawan, in New Plasia, beginning July 16, 2018.

The function concluded with Holy Prasad (sweet) being distributed to the gathering.



LIVE: Enhancing Emotional Stability, BK Sister Shivani, 1 July 2018

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LIVE:लगत घटायें, आय बढ़ायें, आओ शाश्वत योंगिक खेती अपनाये |

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