Baisakhi Celebration in Moscow


Baisakhi Celebration in Moscow

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Baisakhi celebration, a joyous festival having religious and historical background, was organised by Punjabi Sabha, Moscow. Sis Sudha, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow was invited as an honoured guest on the stage for Samman Samaroh.
Bro. Parmod Kumar, President, Punjabi Sabha, Moscow and the invited guests extended heart felt greetings on theoccasion.
The festival was filled with a colourful cultural programme, reminding the bravery, courage,patriotism. It was dedicated to mark the glorification of this great state of India and its enthusiastic residents.


Jhanki for Ram Navami Festival by Brahma Kumaris, Rajgarh

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Deties Shri Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman Jhanki was displayed on the occasion of festival of Ram Navami at Brahma Kumaris, Shiv Vardan Bhavan at Rajgarh during which Mr.Parmanand Verma, M.M.Pawar, P.T.Satputey, Shiv Singh Chowhan, BK Madhu and other prominent personalities of the locality, did the candle lightening. BK Madhu explained the spiritual significance of RamNavami festival to the audience and how The Kindom of Rama has to be established soon where everyone is full of all virtues.

प्रजापिता ब्रम्हाकुमारी ईश्वरीय विश्वविद्यालय, शिव वरदान भवन में रामनवमी के शुभ अवसर पर श्री सीताराम ,लक्ष्मण, हनुमान की झांकी सजाई गई | इस अवसर पर जनपद अध्यक्ष परमानंद वर्मा जी,आबकारी अधिकारी एम.एस. पवाँर जी, पी.टी.सतपुते जी, एडवोकेट शिव सिंह चौहान जी, ब्रम्हा कुमारी मधुबनी बहन, ब्रह्मा कुमारी नम्रता बहन ,ब्रम्हा कुमारी वैशाली बहन ,ब्रम्हा कुमारी लक्ष्मी बहन ने दीप जलाकर झांकी का उद्घाटन किया इस अवसर पर उपस्थित सभी अतिथियों ने राम नवमी के अवसर पर अपनी शुभकामनाएं रखी ब्रम्हाकुमारी मधु बहन ने रामनवमी का आध्यात्मिक रहस्य बताते हुए कहा कि सतयुग के प्रथम महाराजकुमार श्री कृष्ण होते है और श्री कृष्ण के सतयुग में 8 जन्म होते हैं इसीलिए हम कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी मनाते हैं और नवा जन्म त्रेतायुग में श्रीराम का होता है इसलिए हम रामनवमी मनाते हैं| उन्होंने श्री राम के चरित्र पर प्रकाश डालते हुए कहा कि जिस प्रकार श्रीराम ने मर्यादाओं को जीवन में बनाए रखा ,श्री सीता जी ने भी मर्यादाओं को अपने जीवन का आधार बनाया उसी प्रकार हमें भी श्री सीताराम जैसी मर्यादाओं को अपने जीवन में धारण करना है ताकि हम भी मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्रीराम की तरह बन सके | लक्ष्मण का अर्थ बताते हुए कहा की लक्ष्मण अर्थात जिसका ध्यान अपने लक्ष्य की ओर हो ,हनुमान अर्थात जिसने अपने मान -शान का हनन किया हो अर्थात नम्र और निर्माण | वर्तमान में परमात्मा द्वारा रामराज्य की ,अथवा आदि सनातन देवी देवता धर्म की स्थापना का कार्य चल रहा है और निकटतम भविष्य में राम राज्य की स्थापना, राम का राज्य आरंभ होने वाला है| इस अवसर पर सभी ने मिलकर श्री राम सीता की आरती की एवं अंत में सभी ने मिलकर रास किया|


Grand Birthday Celebration of 94 year old Rajyogini Dr. Dadi Ratan Mohini, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris

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At Diamond Hall, Shantivan, Abu Road, birthday celebration of Dadi Ratan Mohiniji took place with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in the presence of Center and Zonal Incharges of Brahma Kumaris centers from all states of India and Nepal. BK Nirwair, Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, BK Munni, Program Manager of Brahma Kumaris gave their blessings and good wishes on this occassion and honored her with a huge beautiful fragrant rose garland. Songs, Dance, Cutural performances, Cake Cutting were part of the event.

Dadi Ratan Mohini is an exceptional role model of spiritual and value based living. Dadiji was born on 25th March, 1925 in Hyderabad Sindh. Dadiji came in contact with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University at its very beginning in 1937, when she was barely twelve years old. Since childhood, she had an inclination for spirituality, thus dedicating her life to Godly service and taking a vow to observe celibacy throughout her life.
Touched with Godly power & self-realization at a very young age, she had totally dedicated her entire life for an eternally noble cause. With unwavering love, compassion and determination she has been offering her untiring services for more than 82 years of her life.
Pioneered in conducting intense Rajyoga meditation camps and deep spiritual insight sessions, she brought light into the lives of thousands of people all over the globe.
Dadi Ratan Mohini is an eloquent speaker and can speak on any spiritual subject. She has given various radio shows, television shows. She was felicitated by various Governmental and Non Governmental bodies for her selfless services.

Dadi Ratan Mohini is also the Chairperson of Youth wing of Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation and IYF, Director of Personal Administration Department of Brahma Kumaris,
Director for Dedicated Spiritual Teachers Trainings and Zonal Incharge of Brahma Kumaris centres in Rajasthan

Program for Indian Army at Patiala, Punja by Security Wing of Brahma Kumaris

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Security Wing of Brahma Kumaris, conducted a program for Indian ARMY at PATIALA, Punjab on 13-14 March,2018. Separate programs for Officers, Senior Officers, Jawans and Families were conducted bringing positive change in their lives.

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative Worldwide

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The BK’s in Thailand are embracing the Green Angel and dedicating 2018 to “Healing the world through Silence”. The inauguration took place in Bangkok and the main inspiration is “10 ways to change the world” and it will serve both the BK centers and the local community.

In the UK, there are number of different projects. The practical research of the Global Co-operation House Eco Friends into natural cleaning materials has been completed and you can download the E-book for Natural Cleaning. An Intro to BK Eco Initiatives and Environmental Awareness for BK students to all BK Centres is being offered. The Eco Team in London have been working hard to source biodegradable tableware for large events such as Rakhi. The next UK wide project is to have ‘Green Champions’ in each centre.

At, Nairobi, Kenya, the third session of the UN Environment Assembly took place in Nairobi. Its aim is to strengthen and upgrade the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and to be the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda. Brahma Kumaris actively participated in this meeting.

In Russia, Spirituality and Environment, Open Dialogue was organised by Brahma Kumaris, Moscow. Miss Vegetarian – a delightful competition was organised to promote vegetarianism in Russia.

In Europe, Brahma Kumaris Brussels & Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative are working towards EU Green Week in May and EU Sustainable Energy Week in June.
A final note on meditation:
The Green Angel Meditations are now available as one complete audio file with all 8 commentaries in one. You can also stream on Spotify.

Green day celebrations on March 8th with Mother Earth including Disaster Preparation
A day with a walk, talk, art and outdoor meditation leading to a journey to fine-tune relation with nature was held at Mount Abu, to go deep into minds and create fresh awareness of interconnectedness with the world around us. Mind and Matter are deeply entangled and meditation with a loving heart becomes the powerful tool to heal the planet.

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative


“World Water Day” celebrations at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road

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With the aim of spreading awareness about saving water and thereby save lives, World Water Day was celebrated at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris,Shantivan organised by BK Social Activity Group.
A train shaped van was decorated with variety of exhibition pictures explaining the importance of conserving water in daily lives and the significance of saving water, which was inaugurated by BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris , BK Bharat, Chief of BK Social Activity Group of Brahma Kumaris, BK Santosh, Zonal Incharge of Maharashtra, BK Raj, Zonal Inchare of Nepal etc. by waving flags.
The train will be moving in villages nearby Abu Road and Mount Abu for 8 days sharing message on the importance of saving water.


Seminar on “Anatomy of Fear” by Brahma Kumaris, Madrid, Spain

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Seminar organised by Brahma Kumaris, Madrid, Spain, on the topic “Anatomy of fear” was taught by Enrique Simó from which many took benefit. Enrique Simo shared insights on how to move away from the zone of fear , into a zone of peace and tranquility through the practice of Rajyoga Meditation.


Brahma Kumaris honored with Values of Women(VOW) Award in Tamilnadu

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BK Sister MUTHUMANI was honored with Values of Women Award – VOW by Rotary district 3232 as they celebrated Women’s day with recognition of 7 Women Achievers from Rotary Ambattur, District of Chennai, Tamilnadu.

BK Bob Carr (1)

“Role of Reflection in Leadership” with Bob Carr at BK Inner Space, Sydney, Australia

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The Role of Reflection in Leadership – A conversation was held at BK Inner Space, Sydney with Bob Carr, Professor in International Relations at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Director of the Australia-China Relations Insitutute and Charlie Hogg, National Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Australia, about the role of reflection and meditation in Leadership.
Meditation experience and dialogue were part of the event.


“Exploring the Essence – Recreating the Future” Dialogue program at Om Shanti Retreat Center, Gurugram

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The dialogue program on very intrigue topic “Exploring the Essence – Recreating the Future” was organized by SpARC Service Wing (Delhi Chapter) at the Om Shanti Retreat (ORC), Manesar on the 18th March, 2018.
The uniquely structured program that generated a lot of curiosity among the participants , consisted of interactive sessions, Raj yoga Meditation, guided ORC tour in silence and experiential workshop was the perfect blend of creativity, innovation, integration and rejuvenation that enthralled the seventy select audience comprising of senior scientists ,researchers, educationists and HR professionals.
The program took off with a presentation introducing SpARC Service Wing and context creation on the topic by BK Pradeep.
Senior Rajyoga Teacher BK Saroj Didi, Zonal Head- SpARC Delhi-NCR Zone introduced the vision and mission of SpARC and encouraged active participation of VIP delegates present and their respective organizations in SpARC activities and collaborate in various projects for the benefit of the society at large
In the inaugural session Senior Rajyogini BK Asha Didi, in her own mesmerizing style, beautifully took the audience to the deep understanding of the core essence and purpose of our existence. She spoke on the subject “Exploring the Essence – recreating the Future” and re-established the fact that “we are not human beings experiencing spiritual life but we are spiritual beings experiencing the human life”. She said “We create our Golden future, actually, by recreating our past “by exploring the essence of Who am I?
The interactive session on “Nurturing the Self” was conducted by none other than the charismatic speaker BK Sister Shivani. The delegates from three parallel programs organized at ORC for CAs, Doctors, Scientists and researchers were brought together for this session. ORC auditorium was full with seeker delegates.
BK Sister Shivani guided the audience through the importance of Rajyoga Meditation and Rajyoga Lifestyle interventions that empowers our inner strength and how we can rewire our mind and not allow external factors run our lives and impact our emotions. The exchange of questions & answers to and from the speaker and audience were the highlight of the session that satisfied the inner quest of audience for spiritually meaningful life. The delegates were inspired and guided to visit the BK Centers near to their homes for deeper understanding of applied spirituality through Rajyoga day’s course.
Finally, the session on “Shifting Consciousness for Change” that generated a lot of excitement among the delegates and encouraged group participation was the perfect example of andragogy and Adult Learning Principles. The session was facilitated by BK Sister Yeshu and team of SpARClers including Bk Sister Ekta, BK Brother Avinash BK Sister Aditi and BK Sister Vanita.