Brahma Kumaris honored with Certificate and Medal of Appreciation by The State of California, USA

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Brahma Kumaris honored with Certificate and Medal of Appreciation by The State of California, USA

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BK Sister Shivani, world renowned spiritual speaker and international TV personality presented the unforgettable Awakening Tour in Sacramento, USA. In celebration of 40 years of Brahma Kumaris serving in the USA,  the events were held at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Sacramento, CA, at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA and in Visalia, CA.

Sister Shivani presented two talks, “Unlocking Your Inner Freedom” and “Celebrating the Lightness”. There was much excitement for Sacramento community to be graced with the presence of such powerful and prominent speaker. The event welcomed over 1,800 people in the morning and evening talks with Sister Shivani. Dignitaries such as Sacramento’s Sheriff Department, Spiritual Life Center Leaders and Mayor Steve Ly from Elk Grove, CA graced the events.

California State Assemblyman Ken Cooley presented Sister Shivani with a certificate of appreciation from the State of California for the Community Service work performed.

Sister Shivani was welcomed and honored with special City of Elk Grove Medal of Appreciation by City of Elk Grove, California Mayor Steve Ly.

Visalia Mayor, Warren Gubler welcomed Sister Shivani during her visit to Visalia, California where Sister Shivani presented a talk on The Art of “Staying Recharged Always!” at Visalia Convention Center.

Sister Shivani also shared her wisdom at Intel Corporation in Folsom,California. The event was organized specially for Intel employees.


Two Day Stress Eradication Program in Jodhpur

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A program on Eradication of stress and enhancing inner strength  was organised by Security Services Wing of Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Mount Abu at Border Security Force (BSF) Subsidiary Training Center(STC) in Jodhpur.

Around 120 BSF Personnel attended the program for two days.The program included sessions on Stress Management by  Dr Savita, Mount Abu, Sleep Management by Cdr Shiv, Ahmedabad, Positive Thinking  by BK Sarita, Pune, Self Empowerment  by Dr Savita, Mount Abu, Managing Challenges  by Cdr Shiv, Ahmedabad, Happy Living by Dr Dilip Nalage, Panvel, Mumbai,  Meditation Session by the BK Sisters. Mr Kuldeep Saini, Inspector general Chief (who was a Commandant) was present as the chief guest at the program.


De-addiction Rally by Brahma Kumaris, Sanchore

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Indian Government has launched few National Campaigns on “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”(Save Girl, Educate Girl) and “Vyasan Mukt Bharat”(Addiction Free India). In order to take these campaigns forward, members of local Brahma Kumaris Center in Sanchor organised a rally in Hariyali Village under Sanchor Tehesil.

Their object was to educate, enlighten and motivate the villagers to change their mind set and live accordingly.

Generally we see that people rejoice when a boy takes birth in the family but if that is a girl they become sad. They think that the son is the heir of their property. He will be an earning member in the family where as the daughter is a burden for the parents. So she gets neglected. The men dominated society forgets that his mother was a girl earlier. So we must give love and affection to our daughters as well and give them good education. They only can rebuild a noble society.

We think our sons will be the future good citizen but today we find them getting into bad habits of smoking, drinking, falling prey to drugs addictions and ruining their lives as a result the whole human race has become vicious. Therefore this really is proposed to show youngsters through pictures exhibition the health hazards they are going to suffer in future. The purpose of this “Nasha Mukti Abhiyan” (Addiction Free Campaign) is to make them understand and stop these addictions and save themselves and their families from further damage.

Once people get the knowledge, they will naturally become sane and simple and automatically their “Naithik Charitra Utthan” (Character Building) will take place.

With these high ideals the rally was flagged off by School Principal and locally respectful person Seth Shantilalji and BK Jaya from Brahma Kumaris of Sanchor.

The function was attended by all the villagers who were addressed by the Principal Seth Shantilalji and others. The program was quite successful.



“Atom to Entrophy” – Dialogue at Barcelona, Spain

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BK Jitu from Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, Dr. Rajesh, Radiologist from Nasik, BK Ramon, Senior Rajayogi from Spain were part of the dialogue on the topic “Atom to Entropy” held for the youth group at the Meditation Center in Barcelona, Spain. BK Martha, Director of the Meditation Center well organized the event.



Seminar on “The Future Without Fears” at Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Union, Ulaanbaatar

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A public program “The Future Without Fears” was organized for Ulaanbaatar residents in the Hall of the Trade Union Cultural Palace, with the support of TV4 channels and TV Sansar in Mongolia. The program was attended by 300 people in which BK Charlie Hogg, National Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Australia, was the keynote speaker. He described various types of fears, and discovered the secret of treatment and liberation from them. Fear brings tension and stress into life. Fear affects all systems of the body. There is insomnia, loss of appetite, increase in heart palpitations, or the stomach is squeezed by fear. Our emotions affect the state of the mind. There is also a deep relationship between the presence of fears and heart disease. Fear causes tension in the heart. The power of love helps to heal the heart. Love is the seed of everything positive that can happen in our life. Love destroys barriers between people, fills the emptiness in the heart with heat (warmth), and removes pain. Love allows people to be accepted as they are, and to understand and forgive them.

Scientists say that 93% of fears are imaginary, such fears they call anxiety. The biggest among them is the fear of losing the body, losing one’s life. People are afraid of any loss and changes in life. But if I base my life on spiritual knowledge, then I am free from fear. The first knowledge that can help cope with the majority of fears is the realization of oneself as an eternal soul, an immortal, eternal vital energy.

Understanding that I am a soul, an eternal traveler who never dies, leads to the disappearance of fears of loss of body and life. This understanding and recognition of oneself changes lives. If I realize who I am, deep peace will be felt within me, I will not worry about the future, I will be happy and satisfied with everything that is happening in my life now, in the present.

The world is not stable, there is nothing permanent in it. Fear encourages people to control others. If there is an attachment to something external, then there will be more fears. Wisdom is to learn to rejoice in everything that appears in our lives, but do not become attached to anything. We the soul can create a permanent relationship only with the Eternal Source, Higher Energy. In meditation, we can feel the boundless love of the Supreme Soul. Divine energy gives strength to meet any difficulties in life.


Brahma Kumaris Welcome Chief Minister of Haryana

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For a programme “Chief minister se seedhi baat” (Director Talks with the Chief Minister), Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar, the Chief Minister of Haryana, visited Chang Village in Bhiwani, Haryana, where he was welcomed by MLA of Bhiwani. On behalf of the Brahma Kumaris, BK Suman, from the Brahma Kumaris center in Meham, presented a bouquet to the Chief Minister. BK Chetna and BK Suman welcomed the Chief Minister and Mr. Yashpal Katariya, the Principal of City High School, by presenting them with Godly gifts.



“Youth, the Sculpture of Tomorrow” National Youth Retreat by Youth Wing of Brahma Kumaris

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A National Youth Retreat was organised by the Youth Wing of the Brahma Kumaris at Global Auditorium, Manmohini Complex, Abu Road. The retreat was inaugurated by Rajyogi BK Nirwair, Brahma Kumaris Secretary General; Mr. Pavan Kumar Bansal, Former Railway Minister; Mr. Shyam Singh Rajpurohit, State Director of Nehru Youth Centre Association; and BK Chandrika, Vice Chairman of the Youth Wing; in a very pleasant atmosphere of the rainy season. More than 250 professional youthful youngsters from across the country came to attend the program.

They were addressed by all the honoured guests, who focused commonly on the great role the youth around the world have to play, Indian youth in particular, stating that the whole world is looking at India and every Indian’s attention is on their youth because they can transform the entire world. They know that they are capable of building up the future. Each one inspired the youngsters that they must keep themselves away from mental illness. They must invest their physical, mental and intellectual energies on innovative activities.

All the youth were getting drenched by the downpour of Wisdom and were enjoying the natural rainy weather, and pleasant climate of the Aravali mountain ranges. They were highly motivated and became committed to prove themselves to become “The Sculptures of Tomorrow.”

Tree Planting Program by Brahma Kumaris, Tumsar

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The Brahma Kumaris Centre in Tumsar organised a Vruksha Ropan (Tree Planting) program in order to maintain a healthy environment for mankind.

Accordingly they planned to do the social service of plantation inside the premises of the Judge Court in Tumsar. Members of Brahma Kumaris Center, BK Shakti, the Centre in charge, BK Pratibha, BK Kavita, BK Divyata, BK Ranju, BK Mangala, BK Khemraj, BK Ramdayal and many others took part in this activity with zeal and enthusiasm.


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कोहिमा में जएनवी स्कूल की फैकल्टी मेम्बर्स के लिए तनाव प्रबंधन पर कार्यशाला आयोजित हुई जिसमें स्थानीय सेवाकेंद्र प्रभारी बीके रूपा ने सभी फैकल्टी मेम्बर्स को स्वीकार करने, क्षमा करने और कुछ अच्छे उद्देश्यों पर ध्यान केंद्रित करने की बात को सदा अपने मन में रखने पर ज़ोर दिया साथ ही राजयोग को अपसनी जीवनशैली में शामिल करने की अपील की, इस कार्यशाला में प्राचार्या समेत 22 लोगो ने लाभ लिया।

Source: Peace News


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मंगोलिया में उलानबतोर के सैंटिस एजुकेशनल सर्विसेज़ में ब्रह्माकुमारीज़ संस्थान में ऑस्ट्रेलिया के निदेशक बीके चार्ली के पहुंचने पर स्टाफ और टीचर्स के वर्कशॉप आयोजित हुई जिसमें बीके चार्ली ने रिश्तो को मधुर बनाने के कहा कि अगर हमें दूसरों के दिल में सम्मान व प्यार चाहिए तो हमें उनके सकारात्मक गुणों को ही देखने चाहिए क्योंकि हमारें विचारों से हमारी वायब्रेशन बनती है और शब्दो से ज्यादा व्यक्ति पर वायब्रेशन का प्रभाव पड़ता है।

Source: Peace News

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