“How India Could be Made a World Guru” Program by Brahma Kumaris of Kadma

“How India Could be Made a World Guru” Program by Brahma Kumaris of Kadma

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The Brahma Kumaris of the Kadma centre in Haryana organised a program for the Hindustan Scouts and Guides at the Arya Senior Secondary School, in Exhibition Town, Kasba Joju Kala. BK Vasuda, In-charge of Kadma Centre, in the training camp expressed that, with renunciation, penance, service and discipline, we can again make India a World Guru. She said that when we possess moral, spiritual and human values in our lives, than we can make the Society better. She said that, to create an Anti-Drug Society, we have to imbibe Social values in our lives, only than, our Mind and Environment becomes clean. To the Scouts participating in the Camp, she inspired them to make a determined oath that we should all work together to create a healthy and clean Society.

On this occasion, the Northern Railways additional Chief Executive Officer, Vinay Kumar, IAS; State Secretary of Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Naveen Jaihind; Chairman of Arya Educational Society, Ashok Sharma; Principal of Arya Senior Secondary School, Dr.Pramendra Chitthodiya; Sub Inspector Dinesh Kumar; Bishan Singh Arya Shahid and hundreds of Scouts across the State were present.

On this occasion BK Vasuda was honored with a Momento by Vinay Kumar, IAS; State Secretary Naveen Jaihind; and Principal Pramendra Chithodia.

International Day of Peace 2018 Celebrated by Brahma Kumaris in Mauritius

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On the occasion of International Day of Peace 2018, several activities were organized by different Brahma Kumaris Centres around the island.

Peace Meditation at SSR Botanical Garden
The public was invited to participate in a mass meditation session at the SSR Botanical Garden. About 200 people
turned up. BK Gaitree, Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Centres in the Northern and Port Louis Regions, welcomed the participants and explained the importance of meditation, of taking time for quiet reflection and being in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. The event that was marked by guided meditation sessions focussed on giving peace to the world and the nature and also comprised of yoga exercises and songs. Blessings on peace were given at the end to the participants.

Peace Day at Long Mountain
Long Mountain, one of the villages named “Village of Peace”, about five years ago in a project initiated by the Brahma Kumaris, hosted a program to mark the ‘International Day of Peace’. Amidst speeches and a meditation session, a drama on values was performed by the youth group depicting social issues and the remedies thereto.

Peace concert
The activities on Peace culminated in a Peace concert at Global Peace House. Local singers and musicians, a well-known dancing troupe specialized in spiritual performance, two volunteers from Muslim and Christian faith enthusiastically participated. 50 artists participated in the program. The hall was packed with over 250 attendees

Public Programme at the District Council of Grand Port
Peace Day Public program was celebrated in collaboration with the district council of Grand Port on in the garden of the District council at Rose Belle in the presence of the President & the Chief Executive of the District Council as well as the Secretary of the Council of Religions in Mauritius. It was celebrated as a “No Anger Day” by the whole district of Grand Port with 1000 stickers and posters distributed in the 24 villages of the district as well as sensitization through several talks on peace and anger management.

Right to Peace Walk
The Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs of Mauritius solicited Brahma Kumaris’ collaboration in their Right to Peace Walk from the University of Mauritius (Reduit) to Bagatelle. About 200 youth gathered. BK Niti gave a message of peace from the Brahma Kumaris at the launch and activities on values and an exhibition on stress management and Meditation were held by BK Youth.

An eight-day Spiritual Exhibition was put up at Flacq Coeur de Ville.

International Day of Peace was also celebrated at Ebene CyberCity.

A Tableau of Deities by Brahma Kumaris, Lotus House in Gujarat

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A Tableau of living deities was put up by Brahma Kumaris at Hansol, Gujarat. The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guests –  Mr. Bijal Patel, Mayor of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC); BK Munni from Mount Abu and BK Sarla.

The Tableau depicts the 9 deities worshipped during the Navratris. Each Deity’s name, her significance, and how they were created were explained to the audience. This event marked as an eye opener for everyone as it revealed the true meaning and significance of the festival. Everyone realized that the deities are actually symbolic representation of our real self and God’s role in re-creating our original form.


Brahma Kumaris Celebrate Nepalese Festivals in Sydney, Australia

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The BK Nepalese community members at Five Dock Centre in Sydney celebrated Nepalese festivals like Rakshya Bhandhan (Janai Purnima) and Dashain.

Janai Purnima:
The significance of this festival has deep meaning in the Nepalese context. Janai is regarded as a symbol of body, speech and mind. Knots are tied on the person’s wrist. The purpose of performing such a ritual means to gain complete control over each of them. Hence, to celebrate such a festival, the Nepalese community members had small function organized at the Five Dock BK centre. On this special occasion, the members started with sharing the knowledge and meaning of the Janai Purnima with everyone. Each member had a privilege to get the Rakhi tied by BK Sita, followed by blessing card given by BK Priti . After the successful completion of the function all members had an interactive session followed by refreshments.

Dashain is the main Nepalese festival. The festival reminds that a person becomes victorious by overcoming the five organs and their senses. A pre-Dashain program was organized to celebrate together at Five Dock. To keep the cultural aspect alive, an introduction of nine Goddesses and their powers and virtues was imparted. To strengthen individual empowerment, creative meditation was done by writing one particular virtue one wanted to install within. This virtue symbolizes seed of positivity which was then planted in a soil pot. It was very powerful and effective for each individual.

A traditional style ‘Tikka’ was also put on each one’s forehead as a symbol of victory, followed by group dance to a Nepalese folk song as a symbol of unity. The members were offered traditional food. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed delicious food.

Brahma Kumaris in Bhinmal Celebrate World Students Day and Global Handwashing Day

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October 15th is celebrated as World Students Day, Global Handwashing Day and the Birthday of Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.  On this occasion, the Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga Center in Bhinmal, Rajasthan, organised programs on the importance of handwashing in various colleges and schools including the Gayatri Public School, ROM Vidyalaya, Chanakya Vidyapit, etc.

On this occasion, BK Sister Geeta from the local Center told the audience about Dr. A.P.J. Kalam; even though he was a President of India, his lifestyle was very simple, and he had participated in the Handwashing program, which was shown in a video. BK Geeta said that most of the harmful bacteria enter our body through the hands and cause various diseases. At the end of the function, she gave advice to the audience to keep the hands clean before taking any food. For this purpose, the Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga center conducted a debate competition for school children and distributed prizes to the winners.


“Carnival of Living Flowers”: Brahma Kumaris in Hyderabad Celebrate Global Cultural Festival

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Celebrating Bathukamma and the Global Cultural Festival, the Brahma Kumaris conducted an event entitled ‘Carnival of Living Flowers‘ at Global Peace Auditorium, Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad.

The program started with a song, a video, and an honoring of the National Anthem. This was followed by an Indonesian Dance, Shiva Nataraja, inspiring the theme of ‘Oneness’ and respect towards nature.

Russian BK students presented a dance composition of ‘Winter Flowers’ that overwhelmed the audience to the extent that everyone stood up in silence remembering and welcoming the Supreme Soul in their hearts.

The Chief Guests were Mr. S.K. Joshi, IAS, Chief Secretary of the Government of Telangana, Department of Language and Culture; Mr. Venkatesham, IAS, Secretary of the Government of Telangana, Department of Language and Culture; Ms. Kavitha, Vice Chairman, JNAFAU (Fine Arts University); Mr. Prasad, Honourable Secretary, Gandhi Darshan (NGO); Commandant Sudhir, CISF; Dr. Gouda, a well-known Dentist; Retired Justice Eshwaraiah; Mr. Gogikar Nehru, Film Producer; Mr. Rastogi, IAS Officer; BK Jenna and Brahma Kumaris Teachers from Thailand.

Alexy Talai, a renowned Inspirational Speaker, motivated the audience with his powerful words. He said, “If I am powerful, I can do everything.”

S.K. Joshi, IAS, Chief Secretary of the Government of Telangana, appreciated the gathering and the Brahma Kumaris group. He said, “India is well known for ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is a family) and I am seeing the protrait of this theme here.’

Venkatesham, IAS, Secretary of the Government of Telangana, Department of Language and Culture, suggested that the Bathukamma Festival should become a Global Festival.

All the Guests together did the lamp lighting.

Another dance ‘Jhoom Jhoom’ took everyone to the journey towards the Supreme. A Nigerian Brahma Kumaris student sang a Hindi song and said ‘Mera Baba,’ which took everyone deep into the love of the ‘Ocean of Love’.

The Indonesian group presented another dance ‘Chalo Musafir’ which inspired everybody to always walk on the path of Light and Right.

Finally, Brahma Kumaris students from Russia and other countries presented a ‘Bathukammma’ dance giving the deep effect of the Celebration from the heart.

The audience was comprised of more than 2,000 participants. They were absorbed in joy and took the message of divinity and oneness and felt thankful to the International Group.   

Chief Minister of Rajasthan Inaugurates Live Show of Deities by Brahma Kumaris of Jaipur

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The Brahma Kumaris of Raja Park, Jaipur, installed a Live Show of Mother Durga’s Nine Forms, “Chaitanya Deviyon ki Jhankiyan” (Display of Living Deities) on the occasion of the festival of Devi Navratri.

Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia, the Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, inaugurated the show by opening the curtain. Then she lit the Holy festive lamps along with BK Poonam, BK Sneha, BK Sannu and BK Kalpana.

Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia offered her ovation to all the nine Deities by waving a lighted camphor (arati). She gave the plate with camphor to Mr. Ramcharan Bohra, MP, Jaipur, who also waved the arati with devotion after her.

While the Chief Minister was watching keenly all the nine forms of the Goddess, those who followed her were Mr. Ashok Parnami, MLA from Adarshnagar; Mr. Madanlal Saini, BJP State President, Rajasthan; Mrs. Madhu Sharma, BJP State President of the Women’s Wing, Rajasthan, and BK Poonam. Many other elite citizens were also present.

BK Pooja offered a flower bouquet and BK Poonam pinned a badge on Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia, who then addressed the Guests and the gathering of the public with her best wishes and blessings of Divine Mother.  She also expressed her feelings of admiration to the Brahma Kumaris for their selfless service to mankind at large. She spoke about the importance and benefits of Raja Yoga and encouraged everyone to learn and practice Raja Yoga meditation for their own good.

Lastly BK Poonam felicitated her with Godly Gifts and Toli (a Sweet).

‘Enhancing Inner Strength’ Program for Indian Navy by Brahma Kumaris, Chennai

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Enhancing Inner Strength, a Self Empowerment Program, was conducted by the Security Services Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Reasearch Foundation and the Brahma Kumaris for the Indian Navy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  Rear Admiral Alok Bhatnagar, FOTNA (Flag Officer Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Area); Commodore Vidyanshu Srivastava, NOIC (TN); and about 100 Naval personnel participated in this programme.

The Faculty members were BK Professor Swaminathan and BK Commodore (Retired) Anjali Ghoshal who shed light on how to meet challenging situations by enhancing inner strength.

Flying Angels: Value Education Camp by Brahma Kumaris of Bisra, Odisha

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The Education Wing of the Brahma Kumaris conducted a One-day camp, Flying Angels at the Government Girls High School in Bisra, Odisha. The students actively participated in all activities. Several competitions and games were organized to motivate the students towards basic human values. It was both fun-filled and educative. The school staff also participated in the camp with great enthusiasm. They found it every educational and an enlightening experience.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Rawatsar, Rajasthan

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Upon completion of 25 years of the establishment of the Brahma Kumaris center at Rawatsar, a Silver Jubilee Anniversary was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The Chief Guests for the occasion were Avi Garg, SDM; Shyam Sunder Visgoi, Magistrate; Kasturilal, Tehsildar; Krishna Lal Sharma, Deputy President, Municipality; Doolichand Athwal, Member Panchayat Committee; and BK Usha, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from Mount Abu.

Other dignitaries present on the stage were BK Shanta from Ajmer; BK Kamal, Zonal Director in Bikaner; BK Neelima, Centre In-charge of Rawatsar; BK Nitin, BK Balu and BK Bhanu.

The prominent speaker of the event was renowned motivational speaker BK Usha from Mount Abu and BK Shanta showered the words of spiritual blessings.

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