Brahma Kumaris at The World Trade Center, New York City, USA

Brahma Kumaris at The World Trade Center, New York City, USA

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BK Ram Prakash, Senior Rajayogi from New York, USA, was invited by Mr. Hugh McCann, the Director of the World Trade Center, New York, as a guest speaker, to speak on the topics of ‘Turning Crisis into Opportunities & Stress into Inner Strength’, his 9/11 tragedy experience at the World Trade Center, and the ‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness’ initiative.

The program was conducted on September 6, 2018, in World Trade Center 4, on the 17th floor. BK Sister Rona, the center Coordinator of the Manhattan Center in New York City, and BK Ram Prakash conducted this program

BK Ram Prakash shared that we can never manage a crisis because if we can manage it, it will not be called a crisis. A crisis is something that is above and beyond management, and beyond our capacity to handle. So, it is a matter of how one responds to a crisis, turns it into an opportunity to rise to the occasion, and shows how the practice of meditation helps us in the time of crisis. BK Ram Prakash shared how the 9/11 tragedy became an opportunity to serve his colleagues morally and spiritually.

After that, BK Ram Prakash gave a presentation on ‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness’ as the Blueprint for building a ‘World of Happiness’. The initiative inspires everyone to do something above and beyond one’s duty, obligation and expectations. This can then turn into a wave of care, compassion and generosity at the work place. It can inspire to do a little bit more than their duty, obligation or expectations.

BK Ram Prakash also was invited by Mr. Alec Nadeau, Special Assistant to the Executive Director, Port Authority, to record a half-hour video as part of a World Trade Center time capsule, to be viewed by the future generation of Port Authority employees.

Mr. Adam, General Manager, World Trade Center, also attended the program and gave them a tour of the World Trade Center. Ms. Ellie Zhong, Planning Manager, Port Authority, coordinated the program which was well attended by the management staff.