Clean India Rally by Brahma Kumaris in Varanasi

Clean India Rally by Brahma Kumaris in Varanasi

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Uttar Pradesh

Under the campaign of Swachh (Clean) Bharat, the Brahma Kumaris organized an awareness Rally to spread the message of cleanliness. The Rally began from the Bharat Mata Temple and reached Cantt Railway Station. The organization invoked members of the community to come forward to clean the surroundings as well as make a clean and healthy Bharat.

Under the guidance of BK Surendra, Director of East India and West Nepal, and BK Deependra along with the co-ordinators of the centres of Gayghat, Nati Imli, Bhojuvir, Samneghat, SriRamNagar Colony Wajardiha, Ramapura GauDoliya and Regional Office Co-ordinators, BK volunteers actively participated in the rally and then carried out the campaign at the Railway Station. At the Railway station, ADRM Ravi Prakash Chaturvedi, Station Director Anand Mohan, BK Surendra, BK Gita from Basti, and BK Deependra offered garlands to Mahatma Gandhi’s picture and took an oath of cleanliness. On this occasion, BK Surendra donated a dustbin to the DRM.

BK Sunita from Gorakhpur, BK Vipin,Dr. Dinesh, and Dr. Sudha Gangawar, etc. were present in the rally.

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