“Complete Health Care and Cure of Diabetes” – 3-Day Program in Dhamtari

“Complete Health Care and Cure of Diabetes” – 3-Day Program in Dhamtari

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Brahma Kumaris

The Brahma Kumaris of Dhamtari organised a three-day training program “Madhur Madhumeha,” “Sweet Diabetes,” for local patients of blood sugar, at their centre “Divya Dham” in Civil Lines. The aim was “Complete Health Care and Cure of Diabetes.”

Those who adorned the dias for the inaugural session were BK Dr. Valsalan Nair, Specialist in Diabetology, Medical Wing at Mount Abu (HQ); as Chief Guest, Mr. Harshad Mehta, former MLA, Dhamtari; Dr. Uttam Kumar Kaushik, Specialist ENT Doctor at District Hospital, Dhamtari; Dr. K.L. Chandrakar, Specialist in Ayurveda; Dr. Virandar Nanda, Medical Practioner, Dhamtari — all as Special Guests; and BK Sarita, Divya Dham Centre in charge.

On this occasion Dr. Valsalan Nair said, “Looking at the alarming rate diabetes is spreading in our country, it seems that India has become the capital for sugar patients in the world. The matter being serious, it is felt necessary to arrange this training program “Madhur Madhumeha,” “Sweet Diabetes” to bring awareness of the disease and the remedial measures to be taken for its cure, in the public.” He said that by observing Discipline in our Lifestyle, setting the daily Routine of our Activities, and paying Attention to proper Diet, we can totally arrest the disease. Apart from all this, Raja Yoga meditation technique is specially taught which is based on Self confidence and Powers of the Supreme Soul, God.

Former MLA Mr. Harshad Mehta’s versions on this occasion are noteworthy. He said that Brahma Kumaris are always striving hard on various aspects for the benefit of People, Society, the Nation and the World at large. They ever view anything Universally.

Similarly, Dr. Virandar Nanda said, “lt has been observed that the cause for many ailments is the weak mental confidence of the patient. The benefits of proper food, good thoughts, disciplined lifestyle and punctuality in following a daily routine are surely accessible by strong Self-confidence and God’s Power through the practice of Raja Yoga.

On the same lines, BK Sarita said that maintaining a balance between taste and health in life is also most essential, in absence of which we find many diseases are cropping up in the society.

The entire training program was handled by BK Jagruti very smoothly and also very efficiently.