‘Establishment of Value-Based Moral Society’: Event in Jail by Brahma Kumaris, Tonk

‘Establishment of Value-Based Moral Society’: Event in Jail by Brahma Kumaris, Tonk

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The Brahma Kumaris in Tonk, Rajasthan, arranged a program at the District Jail for the Staff and Inmates of the Jail on the “Establishment of Value-Based Moral Society“. The objective was to educate and enlighten the inmates to transform themselves to lead a happy and honorable life when they go back into society.

BK Prahalad taught them the Art of Living, and through a few magical performances, gave some tips to live with morality in this world full of unethical cultures and systems. He encouraged them to surrender all their bad habits and addictions to God and make their lives valuable and memorable. We must give up all our weaknesses like Anger, Revenge, Hatred and Jealousy, etc., and establish a relationship with only God, our Supreme Father. Then we must do service for the good of others and society at large.

Mr. Badrilal Sharma, the Jail Superintendent, was all praises for the Brahma Kumaris Organisation for their consistent efforts which have resulted in change in the nature and behavior of some of their prisoners who developed faith in God. Their attitudes were found to have become remarkably positive. He expressed his gratitude and extended his best wishes to the organization for the efforts they are putting in to create a new Value-Based Moral Society.

BK Shailendra, Associate Media in-Charge, handled the program and spoke about the objective of the Brahma Kumaris Services rendered to create a better Society Worldwide.

BK Beena took everyone on the journey of inner space through guided RajaYoga meditation to receive Divine Power from God and experience inner Peace.

More than 300 inmates, Jail Staff and Naresh Kumar, Jailor, were benefitted through the event.

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