Healthy Mind, Healthy Land: Products of Organic and Yogic Farming

Healthy Mind, Healthy Land: Products of Organic and Yogic Farming

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Madhya Pradesh

The Brahma Kumaris conducted a seminar at Taken village, in the district of Rajgarh, as part of the Farmers’ Empowerment Campaign in Madhya Pradesh.

On this occasion, Seema Mittal, President, City Council; Chander Singh Yadav, President, Hindu Festival Committee; Satya Narayan Khinchi, Manager, Agricultural Development Bank; Harman, Retired Sub Tehsildar from Himachal Pradesh; BK Akhilesh from Chattisgarh, Dhamtari; BK Saras; BK Rekha; BK Madhu, Chief of Rajgarh Brahma Kumaris Centre; BK Neelam; BK Laxmi, and other participants of this drive, lit the candles to mark the inaugural ceremony. BK Namrata greeted the participants with Tilak and flowers. Everyone was introduced to Yogic Farming through a play entitled ‘An Empowered Farmer is the Glory of the Country’.

BK Akhilesh, while giving an introduction to Organic and Yogic Farming, said that “Farming should be done with the help of Godly Powers. With this power, we are going to reap better quality grains and your mind too will be empowered.”

BK Madhu said that our land is becoming barren because of chemical fertilizers for which we do not have any alternative so far, but we can make our land fertile again by adopting Organic farming.

On this occasion, a vow was taken by all to maintain a clean, healthy and positive mindset and to remain totally de-addicted. Harman, Retired Sub Tehsildar from Himachal, introduced the organisation to the audience, and said that we have forgotten God as well as ourselves, that is why the vices have overpowered us. The Farmers were imparted the knowledge of how to prepare Organic Fertilizer, in order to help them adopt the advanced methods of Farming. Seema Bhatter, President of the City Council, greeted all the participants of the campaign.