International Nurses Day Program at Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

International Nurses Day Program at Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

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Brahma Kumaris

Dhamtari center of the Brahma Kumaris felicitated the nurses of the district on the International Nurses Day on May 12, 2018. Apart from the center in charge, BK Sarita the Chief Medical Officer Dr. D.K.Kurre, and the Medical Superindent of Christian Medical Hospital, Dr. Sandeep Patauda graced the occasion. Addressing the nurses and the trainees, BK Sarita emphasized that keeping in view the growing numbers of the patients and different ailments, the job and responsibility of a nurse assume the greater dimension of sympathetic approach with a soothing touch of love, respect and understanding. A nurse needs to inculcate the emotions of love and patience with a sense of faith in the Divine blessings. A nurse must have a positive attitude towards the suffering individual and all his/ her possible weaknesses of anger, arrogance and disappointment. To forgive and forget  is important.
Dr. Kurre and Dr. Patauda praising the role of a nurse in health-care expressed their appreciation that while a doctor gives just about 5 – 10 minutes to a patient, a nurse attends to him/ her for hours together and administers not just the medicine but also instills the hope and soothes the ruffled minds. It is perhaps for this reason of her love and care that a nurse is respectfully addressed as ‘Sister’, the one who understands and stands up with you in your difficult times and even during the ‘terminal ailments’ when even one’s biological relations turn their face
away. Dr. Kurre also drew the attention of the audience towards the Brahma Kumaris sisters for their selfless and dedicated human service.
The BK sisters honoured the nurses by garlanding them and offering them godly gifts and also by singing songs in their appreciation.




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