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“Choosing Happiness” Event at Albert Hall, Canberra, Australia

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  Australia Top News

BK Sister Shivani was the keynote speaker at the heritage-listed Albert Hall, a very successful and heart-warming event on a cold Canberra evening on the topic “Choosing Happiness.”  It was a full hall filled with a responsive and interactive audience of 550 Canberrans.

The people of influence program (before the main event) included professionals from Canberra interfaith, academia, Indian associations, and the local media (Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil and multicultural radio and newspaper). It was amazing to hear how Sr. Shivani had deeply touched the hearts and influenced the lives of each one of them.

The main event unfolded with BK David’s melodious music and MC Dr. Kim Cunio’s equally melodious commentary introducing Sr. Shivani.

Sr. Shivani took everyone on a hilarious journey to choose happiness using knowledge in an insightful way. As soon as she began her talk, the words began floating with the lightness of a summer breeze filled with the fragrance of deep knowledge, coated with light-hearted humor and simple common sense.  God’s knowledge was given out in a manner that was not only very palatable, but also very real.  Meditation commentaries interspersed with silence, gentle music and reflective prompts made the evening a tangible and memorable experience.

Some quotes included: We are a diamond sitting in a box with wrappings and labels, constantly forgetting the diamond and worried about the box, wrappings and labels. We like our chairs (job, husband, house, etc.) and if my chair is better than yours, then my happiness is perceived to be better than yours.

The event ended with Sr. Shivani leading the audience into silent meditation, like an angel, flying and making them all fly with her. The Canberra BK family worked for weeks together with Canberra SPD representative Mary Patrech, planning and organising, leading up to the successful program. Every one in the BK family contributed to the success of the program with their finger of cooperation.

The Expression of True Love – Spanish National Retreat

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  Europe International News

BK Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, came to visit us as a special guest for the National Retreat, under the topic of “The expression of true love.” The retreat gathered 126 BKs from Spain (also 2 sisters from the Ukraine) and was held at a retreat place near Barcelona, a beautiful Christian monastery.

Sister Jayanti with grace and tirelessness shared with us her clarity and depth of knowledge through classes, interviews and different meetings. A Rakhi celebration was part of the retreat.

Here are some jewels extracted from her classes:

  • If I see that my sanskars don’t change it is because I don’t follow the subtle shrimat (God’s directions): for instance, not to have wasteful thoughts.
  • Do I do things with the right intention? My intention creates my feelings, and the feelings determine the result.
  • The stronger an addiction becomes, the lower becomes my self-respect.
  • We need to take care properly of our body. Once Baba said to Dadi Janki: Don’t simply be the driver of the body but also be the mechanic.
  • In the future, tests will take the form of people coming to check if we are what we say.
  • A shrewd intellect is like a knife that cuts falsehood and allows us to see the genuine truth. But it can also hurt you!
  • Awareness creates my attitude. Mansa seva is service through the mind. I have to make my mind so clean that God can use my mind as an instrument to serve the world.
  • If I still keep sorrow inside and I justify it, what kind of feelings am I going to generate? With such feelings I can’t serve.

Finally she gave a blessing for Spain: Spain has a good record of harmony and being free from conflicts, very few incidents of relevance. For sure, Spain will have a good role in revelation.

Brahma Kumaris at “India Day 2018” Celebrations in Moscow, Russia

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The Indian National Cultural Centre, the Indian Business Alliance of Moscow, along with few other Indian companies based in Moscow have organized the 5th annual “Day of India” celebrations in one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow. The program was supported by the Department of Culture, Government of Moscow, and the Embassy of India, Moscow.

BK Sister Sudha, the leader of Bramha Kumaris in Moscow, Russia, gave a special message on this occasion, “Thank you very much for your love of India. These three days are dedicated to mark the Independence Day of India which is celebrated on the 15th of August every year. When we say independance we mean freedom. Freedom against any slavery. So today you have a great opportunity to free yourself from any kind of slavery such as smoking, drinking, or anger. And then your happiness will be constant.”

For the first time Raksha Bandhan celebrations were organised by the Brahma Kumaris on the Day of India. BK Sudha explained the great significance of the ancient Indian traditional tying of the sacred thread – Rakhi is the symbol of the original state of purity and divinity.  Hundreds of visitors, children, youth, aged, males and females thronged to get the Rakhi tied.

Thousands of Muscovites, children, youth and aged, people from all walks of life, attended the mega event with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Addressing the Russian audience Mr. G. Balasubramaniam, Dy. Chief of the Mission, Embassy of India said, “We are very grateful for your support  and our friendship is getting stronger from year to year. On behalf of the Indian Embassy I promise you support as well. Our friendship has been lasting for 70 years already and has been based on a deep level. So we could see positive perspective for it to be continued. Our friendship is eternal. Therefore thank you for your support and we hope you will enjoy today’s celebration. Everyone was given the understanding of soul, Supreme Soul and the attainments through the practice of Ancient Raja Yoga Meditation in the modern world.”

People left home with happy hearts!

WAVES International (World Association for Vedic Studies) 2018 – Conference in Dallas, USA

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The Brahma Kumaris center in Dallas, Texas, USA, had an opportunity to host the speakers, scholars, sanyasis, and professors of Vedic studies from all over the world, including the USA and Texas, the participants of the WAVES International (World Association for Vedic Studies) 2018 Conference in Dallas, at the center. During this welcome reception for networking, each one of them was welcomed with flowers. They all enjoyed the dinner, hospitality and atmosphere of the center. They appreciated the uplifting vibrations and considered this as an auspicious beginning of the conference. The well-renowned professor Ved P. Nanda, Dr. David Frawley (Vamdev Shastri), Dr. Jefferey Armstrong, Prof. Narayan Komerath, and Shashi Kejriwal, etc., were the key-note speakers at the conference.

Rakhi at the conference:
During the conference, the Brahma Kumaris celebrated Rakshabandhan. Each participant was very happy and enlightened knowing the importance and meaning of Rakshabandhan while tying Rakhi, and receiving a toli (sweet) and blessing.

This was the 13th international conference of the World Association for Vedic Studies. The professors of physics, quantum mechanics, and scholars from different faculties presented and attended the conference.

“Overcoming Overthinking” Event at State Theatre by Brahma Kumaris, Sydney

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Some 3,200 people participated in two special events with BK Sister Shivani organised at the iconic State Theatre in Sydney, Australia.  The beautiful venue with its heritage Art Deco design provided a stunning backdrop for both the shows.  Stephanie Dowrick well co-ordinated the stage for both the events.

Sister Shivani’s topic for both the Sydney shows was a very relevant one for our times: “Overcoming Overthinking”. Sister Shivani shared that:

  • “Over information” is the cause of “overthinking”. Information ~ is the raw material. And Thoughts ~ are what get created.
  • Information is to the mind, what food is to the body. It is the “emotional nutrition” for my mind.
  • Until I get a new layer of information, I cannot change my thinking.
  • To bring a shift in my thoughts, there will have to be a shift in my “emotional diet.”
  • The first thing I need to do is check the “emotional nutrients” (i.e. information) I am feeding myself.
  • To help with this, Sister Shivani invited everyone to take on the following challenge for the next 30 days: at least for the first hour of my morning after I wake up, replace the “newspaper of the outer world” (i.e. consuming worldly news in the media or just randomly scrolling through social media) … with the “newspaper of the inner world” (i.e. feed my mind some inspiring thoughts or spiritual knowledge)
  • When our thinking is of a lower frequency, the number of thoughts (overthinking) is high. For example, Sit and criticize somebody in your mind = number/quantity of thoughts is high. Sit and bless (or appreciate) someone in your mind = and the number/quantity of thoughts will be low.
  • So especially in the early morning, I need to pay attention to my “emotional diet” to be able to change my thinking.

For full details of Sister Shivani’s 2018 Awakening national tour of Australia and information on the remaining shows in Canberra (15 August), Hobart (16 August), Melbourne (18 August), Gold Coast (21 August) and Brisbane (22 August), visit


Source : Brahma Kumaris HQ Daily eNewspaper


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