Motivational Talk on Mind Power and Concentration

Motivational Talk on Mind Power and Concentration

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Uttar Pradesh

Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh: The Brahma Kumaris of Ghazipur conducted a one-day motivational program for the students of Ram Prasad Kushwaha Memorial Inter College.

Addressing the program, BK Nirmala, Co-ordinator of the Ghazipur branch of the Brahma Kumaris, said we need to focus ourselves like Arjuna on our target. To enhance concentration, we need to enhance our mind powers. Physical power is enhanced through physical exercise and mind power improves with exercise of the mind. Rajayoga meditation is a powerful means to improve concentration and mind power. She thus emphasized the practice of Rajayoga meditation for 15 minutes every day.

BK Vipin shared methods of success with the students and said that as we see, so is our personality. Hence, to achieve the high target, we need to follow the most successful and elevated guiding personalities. Student life is the golden period of a person. Children are like raw clay and their parents and teachers are the artists who shape it. If we are obedient to our parents and teachers during student life, nobody can stop us from progressing in life.

BK Amir Chand, Senior Rajayogi, talked about the importance of time in student life and encouraged the students to make the most of this period.

Ajay Kumar Singh, Principal, Inter College, said our thoughts create our destiny. Hence, he advised the students to use the tips shared by the BK speakers about an optimistic and powerful attitude. He appreciated the organization for their most elevated and selfless work.

BK Raju from Banaras introduced the audience to the organization.

BK students met Uma Shankar Singh Kushwaha, the Administrator of Inter College and former MLA, and presented him with a Godly gift.

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