Rural and Agricultural Convention by Brahma Kumaris, Jabalpur

Rural and Agricultural Convention by Brahma Kumaris, Jabalpur

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Madhya Pradesh

The Brahma Kumaris of Katanga Colony in Jabalpur held a Convention in their Center entitled “Shiva Vardani Bhawan.” Organized by their Social Activities Group, the convention discussed methods of Agricultural and Rural Village Development with the cooperation of local people.

It was a public program for which the Vice Chairperson of the Farming and Rural Development Wing, BK Raju Bhai from the Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters at Mount Abu, was especially invited to enlighten the people, mainly farmers, on the subject.

Other Dignitaries, such as Dr. P.K. Bisen, Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University of Agriculture; Nanaji Deshmukh; Dr. P.D. Juyal, Chancellor, University of Veterinary Sciences, Jabalpur; Mrs. Manorama Patel, Dist. Panchayat President; and local Centre in-Charge BK Vinita, along with the residents of the town, attended the Convention.

BK Raju Bhai from Mt. Abu enlightened the people — especially the farmers — about how to make the land fertile and suitable; how to yield abundant, good, and nutritious crops by sending powerful Divine Vibrations through Raja Yoga meditation; and make their lives healthy, wealthy and happy once again. He said, “Our Goodwill can make the Earth Rich with Healthy Crops and Good Wealth.”

BK Vinita welcomed all the Guests and the Participants, inspired them to learn Raja Yoga Meditation, and asked them to learn the technique of the New System of Cultivation for the benefit of the Self and all of Mankind.

Overall the Convention was very successful and motivated the people to keep the environment Clean and Lovely.